Want to invest in US stock market?

Want to invest in US stock market?

Here’s how to open trading account with international brokerages
Investing in US stock market is gaining traction with the Indian investors. For Indian investors, there are several investment opportunities available in the US markets. An investor can choose to invest in mutual funds, index funds, ETFs or even use the LRS route to buy direct equity shares in the US stock market. The exposure to the US markets helps one diversify into investment products such as ETFs, Index funds etc which are available at a low expense ratio. Cost of a financial product eats into the returns and, therefore, holding low-cost investments helps.

More than the actively-managed funds that come with higher costs compared to index funds and ETFs, the latter are more popular in the US. Almost all indices have their index fund or ETF’s for the investors to invest in. For example, there will be ETFs or index funds tracking the Nasdaq index or the Dow 30 index. The Nasdaq ETF Market is a thriving platform for ETFs and there are more than 309 exchange-traded products that track Nasdaq indexes.

If you want to buy stocks or ETF’s directly, there are authorised international brokerage firms that allow you to buy your favourite US stocks sitting at home in India. Going through such brokerages makes investing easy. Unlike the normal process wherein you need to register with your bank, get RBI clearances, find and open a US bank account or trading account, with foreign brokerage firms, one just has to log on, register and with a few clicks be ready to trade in international stocks.

If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio across geographies, the US stock market can be a good starting point. And, if you are wondering as to how to invest in the US stock market from India, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the process is extremely simple and easy to complete. You can invest in the US stocks from India or trade in Tesla shares, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Owning shares of Amazon, Google or Apple is easier and almost similar to that of buying shares of Indian companies on stock exchanges in India. What gives it a different shade, however, is that the buying process involves an international brokerage house and as an investor one needs to adhere to the RBIs foreign exchange rules. But, to make sure that the investor focus remains on buying US stocks with a click of a mouse, the entire documentation part is handled by the international brokerage firm.

International brokerage platforms ensure that international investing remains easy, simple and secure with all paper-work and authorizations from banks being covered under one roof. From getting the RBI clearances to finding the right bank account in the US and opening an account, these international brokerage companies make it a one-stop-shop for you. Once the US stock account is opened, with a few clicks be ready to trade in international stocks. The process of investing in the US stock market is seamless with all the paper-work with US-based entities is done by the brokerage firms.

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